Friday, October 22, 2021

Imposter New Lost Door Tool Tutorial

Imposter The New Lost Door Tool Tutorial


Imposter allow you to create a crypted client that would run website or a software of your choice infront while download and execute the provided uploaded server link on the backgroud.
Here is a tuto From Zero on how to use properly This Tool
1 Open Lost door and Create a New Server and keep it name we will need it (here i will do it the fast Creation Mode)
2 Compress the server it extension should be .zip and Name it whatever you want now upload the .zip to any direct link download website and save the link.i will use google
3 Open Imposter from the server Builder
4 Now you chose either you want the imposter to open a webpage or a path/ App as a fake move while it download unzip and run the server
5 provide the download link
6 here you should enter the server name inside the .zip and it extension to ensure that it run

7 Build the Imposter share it and enjoy

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