Monday, May 23, 2016

How Does Lost Door Source Code Looks Like?

How Does Lost Door Source Code Looks Like?

         Here is a video of how does lost door source code look
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Your Seggustions

Lost Door v9.2 Ultimate
Here we go Next version is on the way i need you to tell me what do you want as new features , what should be removed form the old one and what should i Fix comment and share the pictiure
the one who participate will get the next version as a beta tester before it get detected

Friday, May 20, 2016

[News] A New version is on the way Lost®Door Ultimate

Latley ive read many articles on the web talking about the Virus alret of trend Micro which talk about lost door and descripe it as a cybercrime other website called a Crook  ... and said that i (OussamiO) spread lost door over the Surface web well im not afraid to spread it over the surface web as 99% of internet user dont know how to get to the deep/ dark web .. and lost door purpose is not to steal informations..

Well i announce that a newer version( Lost Door Ultimate)  is on the way it will be more and more stable it   will decraise the detection rate and other features ..

    Thanks to trend micro for the informations you shared about the public declares :p






Monday, November 30, 2015

[Open Source] Lost door v9.1 Elite for sale

Lost door v9.1 source code for sale well comented and clean for learning purposes 

the whole project Client & Server sides thousands of codes well comented easy to understand , dealt with almost all functions of windows a great code to learn 
the package contains : Psd + Ocx + Files  + dependencies.

contact :

Sunday, November 1, 2015

[Download] Lost®Door v9.1 E-lite


                                    Hackers®Insides inc.
                              -We Control Your Digital Worlds-

                     Copyright(c) 2007-2015 Oussama L Aka UniQue OussamiO®
                               Coder Email :          
                      A Remote Administration Tool for WINXP/VISTA/WIN7-8&10
                                      Made In Tunisia

 I Proudly Present Lost®Door E-Lite  v9.1 the new advenced version of lost®door which would not be what
 it is today without the invaluable help of everybody who was kind enough to spend time testing it,
 using it and reporting bugs.

 The following people made especially gracious contributions of their time and energy in helping
 to track down bugs, Suggest new features, and generally Helped in the Lost Door maintainership

       Special Thanks For [Gabi.Z] For Being the Reason To create This Tool in 2007

    Big Thanks To [Calipso07] For Keeping Lost®Door Up by his tests &  Idea Since 2008

  Thnaks To All The Beta testers & Friends : [Jordan,Brezek,The reaper,The_Man, Hacker-boy,Romeo,
                            Heike ,Makufa, Issam, Meister, Diver]
             Thanks Goes to [Akama] & [RPTFL] For his Codes Share

 Contact :
 Private Version Request Only :

 @FB :

 @Blogspot :

 Whats New :

 [+] Cleanner & Freindly intarface

 [+] Reported Bugs were Fixed

 [+] Minimize the client is now available (Send to tray)

 [+] Start Up way Chnaged and crypted

 [+] Codes Updated, Some Replaced By APi's

 [+] Data exchange is Encrypted

 [+] Regrouped essentiel Function altogether in the Main Form

 [+] Server Size Reduiced to 46.5 KO

 [+] Web Browser Removed Fix the error message (Suscript out of range)

 [+] Fast Settings For server Building (Prefix Settings for Begginers)

 [+] Stream Webcam ( Fast View)

 [+] Upload Fixed

 [+] Lost®Door multilanguages Support [English , Arabic , French , Spanich ,Polish , Italian ,Swidesh and for my Geeks Friends into 1337 ]
     If you Want to Add your Own  Translate the English File upload it & Post Link In our Fan page

 [+] Tested On : Windows Vista , Windows 7 Ultuimate , Professional & Starter  , Windows XP & Sweet & Windows 8 - 10  - all Service Packs X32Bits
 Snaps :

Video Tutorial

                                    Lost Door R.A.T  2007 - 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

[Full Guide] How To Use Lost Door v9.1 E-lite properly


                                                       Hackers®Insides inc.
                                               -We Control Your Digital Worlds-

                     Copyright(C) 2007-2015 Oussama L Aka UniQue OussamiO®
                               Coder Email:          
                      A Remote Administration Tool for WINXP/VISTA/WIN7-8&10
                                      Made In Tunisia <3

      First Run :

 Lost Door Use Some Windows OCX that Should Be Available in The Sys32 folder , 99% Of windows operator system have this ocx  by default in some Case Lost Door give Error message when one of tose Ocx is Missing For this Reason you will find a folder Called "OCX" contains  the needed files to ensure that you dont get any Problem also the Codejock Control which its copyrited  to codejock Software that is necaissary for the Client Side.

         1 : To Ensure the Start up of lost door Go to OCX folder and run the OCX registrator once done you are ready to open Lost®Door.

         2 : For the First Run you will get a desclaimer Please Read it carfully once you accept it , will never appear again.

         3 : Ensure That you Forward the port: 9481 TCP & Got a Fix IP/DNS to Establish Connections.

     1-Building Server:
                  A) You can chose fast Mode :
                       Enter The IP and Chose Basic or Advanced Settings


                  B) The Advanced Mode (Expert)

     2-Connection :

                When You click on the Server you will Connect :

                You can Activate Stream Cam & Desk

                Green : You are Connected
Red : Connection Lost
Yellow : Waiting For connection
Also you can check the statu in the status bar or the logs

    [Features Pannel]
      3-1: Windows Manager : List all of The active window & Control it
          Show / Hide / Maximize / Minimize / Rename.

      3-2: Application manager : List all instaled apps and Run The Unistaller

      3-3: Dos Commandes (CMD) : Execute Dos in real Time

      3-4: System Information : Get Remote PC Information & CPU Usage In real Time

      3-5: List/ Close  Active Process

      3-6: Keylogger : Get All key Strokes

           A) Offline Loggs the record of loggs since the start of windows session

           b) Online Loggs Get The Keystrokes in real time

      3-7 : Auto Start Manager : List The Boot.ini App

      3-8 : Comunicate with the Server Side Send/ Recive Msgs

      3-9 : Comunicate with the server using windows Msgs

   [Main Features]


       4-1 : Miscellaneous : Divers Function & Commands To Control the Remote PC

           4-1-1 : Funny Stuffs : Play With the Remote Pc Soft/Hardware
           4-1-2 : Power Config : ShutDown / Restart /log off Remote Machine
           4-1-3 : Run Control Pannel Orders
           4-1-4 : Printer: Print Files Using The remote Printer ( Should Be connected)

           4-1-5 : ClipBoard : Stimulation Of the Copy/paste get/Set the stoked information in memory
           4-1-6 : Executor  : Execute Apps / paths

           4-1-7 : IE Control : Change IE window Titel/Start Page & Run sites

       4-2 : Download and execute : Send order to the server To download a File and execute it from web
       4-3 : Basic Desktop & Camera Streamer with the ability to save The Stream either JPEG or Avi File
       You Should Have the right codec Instaled to convert the AVI file
PS: There is no webcam instaled to thi sPC :)

      4-4 : Files Manager : List Remmote Files& Drivers ( Download - Upload - Delete - Copy - Rename ...)

       4-5 : Remote Server Manager

           4-5-1 : Manage Server : get The Server Information and save a note into The registry

           4-5-2 : Remove Remote Server : Delete The remote server ( You will lose the Host )
           4-5-3 : Restart The Remote Server
           4-5-4 : Rename The Remote Server


                                                                Hackers®Inside Inc. 30/10/2015