Wednesday, January 12, 2022

[Download] Lost®Door v9.2 Aws



                                        We Control Your Digital Worlds            

                   A Remote Administration Tool for WINXP/VISTA/WIN7-8-10 


      For The Celebration of Aous Birth this Version detection Rate is 15 Of  65 Enjoy

Since 2007 Lost®Door Survived the Tech innovation and the Security Updates while other RATS Fails or gave up

i kept updating it to make the most Powerfull R.A.T to total control Remote Machines .

Lost®Door would not be what it is today without the invaluable help of everybody who was kind

enough to spend time testing it, using it and reporting bugs. 

Friends made especially gracious contributions of their time and energy in helping

to track down bugs, Suggest new features, and generally Helped in the Lost Door maintainership processand at the end i want to thank me for Being me all the Time

Change Logs 

[+] Run As Admin  Bypass UAC

[+]Upload + Download Fixed

[+]Ristrict a window a software from Runing

[+]User Interface Improved More Friendly

[+]Stability Improved

[+]Imposter Function Added

[+] Unzip Function Added To Files Manager

[+]Remote Desktop Updated

Download Link : 

          Zip Password : Aous 

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Lost Door Aws V9.2 Under Beta Testing

 Lost Door Aws V9.2 Under Beta Testing 

Lost Door latest Version AWS will be available Soon after passing the beta testing for perfect results stay tuned

Change Logs

Run As Admin

Upload + Download Fixed

Ristrict a window

GUI Improved

Stability Improved

Download Chrome Cookies + Date

Imposter Function Added

Unzip Function Added To Files Manager

Remote Desktop Updated

Screen Shots

Monday, October 25, 2021

Friday, October 22, 2021

Imposter New Lost Door Tool Tutorial

Imposter The New Lost Door Tool Tutorial


Imposter allow you to create a crypted client that would run website or a software of your choice infront while download and execute the provided uploaded server link on the backgroud.
Here is a tuto From Zero on how to use properly This Tool
1 Open Lost door and Create a New Server and keep it name we will need it (here i will do it the fast Creation Mode)
2 Compress the server it extension should be .zip and Name it whatever you want now upload the .zip to any direct link download website and save the link.i will use google
3 Open Imposter from the server Builder
4 Now you chose either you want the imposter to open a webpage or a path/ App as a fake move while it download unzip and run the server
5 provide the download link
6 here you should enter the server name inside the .zip and it extension to ensure that it run

7 Build the Imposter share it and enjoy

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Lost Door Aws v9.2 Will Be realsed Soon



                                                               Lost Door Aws v9.2

 Hello EveryOne i'm working on a new versionof lost door will be Named after my son's Name Aws(Aous)  it will be a huge update of X-Revange v 9.1 and  will be Relased  on 30/11/2021 it will be crypted on it relase date so stay tuned.

Lost Door Tutorial

                                    Hackers®Insides inc.

                              -We Control Your Digital Worlds-


                     Copyright(C) 2007-2021 Oussama L Aka UniQue OussamiO®  

                               Coder Email:            

                      A Remote Administration Tool for WINXP/VISTA/WIN7-8&10

                                      Made In Tunisia <3



      First Run :



      Lost Door Use Some Windows OCX that Should Be Available in The Sys32 folder , 99% Of windows operator system have this ocx 

      by default in some Case Lost Door give Error message when one of tose Ocx is Missing For this Reason you will find a folder 

      Called "OCX" contains  the needed files to ensure that you dont get any Problem also the Codejock Control which its copyrited 

      to codejock Software that is necaissary for the Client Side.

         1 : To Ensure the Start up of lost door Go to OCX folder and run the OCX registrator once done you are ready to 

         open Lost®Door.


         2 : For the First Run you will get a desclaimer Please Read it carfully once you accept it , will never appear 


         3 : Ensure That you Forward the port: 9481 TCP & Got a Fix IP/DNS to Establish Connections.

         For More Informations Viste


     1-Building Server: 



                  A) You can chose fast Mode :

                       Enter The IP and Chose Basic or Advanced Settings




                  B) The Advanced Mode (Expert)

     2-Connection :


                When You click on the Server you will Connect : 

                You can Activate Stream Cam & Desk 

                Green : You are Connected

Red : Connection Lost

Yellow : Waiting For connection

Also you can check the statu in the status bar or the logs 

    [Features Pannel]





      3-1: Windows Manager : List all of The active window & Control it 

          Show / Hide / Maximize / Minimize / Rename.

      3-2: Application manager : List all instaled apps and Run The Unistaller


      3-3: Dos Commandes (CMD) : Execute Dos in real Time


      3-4: System Information : Get Remote PC Information & CPU Usage In real Time

      3-5: List/ Close  Active Process 


      3-6: Keylogger : Get All key Strokes


           A) Offline Loggs the record of loggs since the start of windows session

           b) Online Loggs Get The Keystrokes in real time


      3-7 : Auto Start Manager : List The Boot.ini App

      3-8 : Comunicate with the Server Side Send/ Recive Msgs

      3-9 : Comunicate with the server using windows Msgs


   [Main Features]



       4-1 : Miscellaneous : Divers Function & Commands To Control the Remote PC

           4-1-1 : Funny Stuffs : Play With the Remote Pc Soft/Hardware


           4-1-2 : Power Config : ShutDown / Restart /log off Remote Machine


           4-1-3 : Run Control Pannel Orders


           4-1-4 : Printer: Print Files Using The remote Printer ( Should Be connected)

           4-1-5 : ClipBoard : Stimulation Of the Copy/paste get/Set the stoked information in memory


           4-1-6 : Executor  : Execute Apps / paths

           4-1-7 : IE Control : Change IE window Titel/Start Page & Run sites


       4-2 : Download and execute : Send order to the server To download a File and execute it from web


       4-3 : Basic Desktop & Camera Streamer with the ability to save The Stream either JPEG or Avi File

     You Should Have the right codec Instaled to convert the AVI file 

             PS: There is no webcam instaled to thi sPC :)


       4-4 : Files Manager : List Remmote Files& Drivers ( Download - Upload - Delete - Copy - Rename ...)

       4-5 : Remote Server Manager 


           4-5-1 : Manage Server : get The Server Information and save a note into The registry 

           4-5-2 : Remove Remote Server : Delete The remote server ( You will lose the Host )


           4-5-3 : Restart The Remote Server


           4-5-4 : Rename The Remote Server





                                                                Hackers®Inside Inc